5th Sunday of Easter (May 1-2, 2021)


Please continue to offer up these petitions.


For Pope Francis,all bishops, priests and clergy

That like St Joseph, they may lead in humble sumbission, use the graces and talents that God has blessed them with, to pray for, inspire and lead their flock.

For the leaders in Malaysia

That justice and freedom will guide their decisions;that, as they serve Malaysians from all walks of life, we may experience peace, security and solidarity with one another.

For Christians everywhere

That like the first believers, we may live in fraternity, loving in a real and active way by being always ready to respond to the needs of our brothers and sisters.

For all who labour in the public and private sectors, our front liners and those who do volunteer work

That they may work conscientiously and, like St Joseph the Worker, place duty above natural inclinations, offering their work daily in gratitude and joy for the glory of God.

For an end to the Covid-19 pandemic

That the virus affecting every nation in the world be banished, that our children and the elderly be kept safe, that the sick be healed and the dying receive comfort.

For all of us gathered here

That in our new life with the Risen Lord, we will experience the fruits of a deep relationship with Jesus; that the gifts we receive will better equip us in our labour as missionaries.

For our personal intentions