4th Sunday of Easter/Good Shepherd Sunday/Vocation Sunday (Apr 24-25)


Please continue to offer up these petitions.


For Pope Francis,all bishops, clergy and lay leaders

That inspired by Jesus the Good Shpeherd, they will find deeper meaning in their vocation, resolve to serve and lead through mission, all God's people.

For the leaders of Malaysia and the nations of the world

That they foster communal values of tolerance, respect and mercy for people from diverse backgrounds, and provide proactive care and compassion for all humanity and creation.

For an end to the Covid-19 pandemic

That the current wave of the pandemic will see Malaysians coming together in solidarity to uplift each other; that those struggling to make ends meet, facing depression and abuse will receive help.

For our young people

That as they grow in faith they will constantly remain open to God's voice and His call to serve Him and His people, in their vocation.

For our parish and BEC communities

That those who are entrusted to lead may show care for all God's creation especially to those who are lonely, homebound or hospitalised during this pandemic.

For all of us gathered here

That the Good Shpeherd will guide us in the rough and narrow road of our family livs, marriages, work, school and health.

For our personal intentions