3rd Sunday of Easter (Apr 17- 18, 2021)


Please continue to offer up these petitions.


For Pope Francis,all bishops, priests and the clergy

That, just like the early works of the disciples, they will be empowered by the risen Christ, to minister in His name, preaching the Good News of repentance for the forgiveness of sins to all peoples.

For nations in crisis

That the efforts of those who risk their lives and fight, through peaceful means, for the rights of people under dictatorships and authoritarian regimes, will bear fruit. We pray especially for the protection of civilians and all who strive for justice and peace in Myanmar.

For our country, Malaysia

That justice, integrity and accountability direct the actions of all leaders so as to uphold good governance and equal opportunity for all.

For all front-liners amid this pandemic

That all working to mobilise the vaccination process receive adequate support to overcome physical and mental fatique. We also pray for the recovery of patients and their families affected by Covid-19.

For the Muslim community in Malaysia and around the world

That as our Muslim brothers and sisters observe their daily fast, prayer and alms giving, we may demonstrate solidarity, and continue efforts to dialogue to foster greater understanding.

For all of us participating in this mass physically or virtually

That we will allow the Word of God to shape and guide our words and actions, living out our mission as the Easter people in our BECs, schools and workplaces.

For our personal intentions