Divine Mercy Sunday (April 10-11 2021)


Please continue to offer up these petitions.


For the leaders of the Church

That through the power of the Risen Lord, they may preach and teach the message of love and mercy to the entire world. We pray especially for our Pope, bishops and priests, that they continually enjoy deep faith, zealous love and boundless energy for a fruitful ministry.

For the people of God, particularly parishioners of Divine Mercy

That we who constantly drink from the fountain of God’s divine mercy may turn away from fear and complacency to serve the Lord with reverence and humility through the ministries and vocations we are called to.

For peace in the world

That leaders of nations, through just administration, may uphold the rights of their citizens by fostering peace through the rejection of violence and conflicts.

For those experiencing a crisis in faith

That they may experience the presence of Christ’s transforming love and mercy, be attuned to His voice and follow Him who has won victory through His Resurrection.

For those who are burdened

That overworked front liners may be energised, the sick may recover and the needy be supported as we pray for a swift end to the Covid crisis.

For all participating in this celebration

That our experience of the power of the Lord in His Resurrection and Divine Mercy may enable us to serve Him faithfully with deep fervour, new vigour and fresh wonder.

For our personal intentions