Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord 2021


Please continue to offer up these petitions.


For the universal Church

The the Holy Catholic Church throughout the world will grow in the Risen Life of Christ.

For Pope Francis, all bishops, priests and clergy

That the power of Christ’s resurrection may strengthen and guide them to bring hope, joy and the grace of a new life to the communities they serve.

For the people of Malaysia

That God may ease the challenges of all who struggle with the demands of daily life especially the sick, the unemployed, the homeless and the lonely, and bring the light of hope into their lives.

For the sick and the suffering, especially in this time of the pandemic

That uniting themselves to the sufferings of Christ, they may also receive the newness of life which He brings in His resurrection.

For the newly baptised and confirmed

That they may grow with this community in worship and service, and being inspired by the Spirit, they will be led to live holy and Christ-centred lives.

For all of us gathered here

That the joy of Easter will always sustain us as we face the struggles of life; that we will continue to believe and profess in the salvation that Christ’s suffering, death and resurrection has won for us.

For our personal intentions