5th Sunday of Lent (March 20-21, 2021)


Please continue to offer up these petitions.


For Pope Francis, all bishops and priests

That they may be blessed with the graces of the sacraments and touched by God’s life-giving words that will inspire their spiritual life and penitential commitments.

For the Universal Church

That, as we journey through this period of reflection and preparation before Easter, we may replicate Jesus’ acts of love through fasting, prayer and giving.

For all amid this pandemic

That the lessons from the pandemic – to minimise, improvise and compromise – will be instilled in us for life. That those who are infected and their caregivers will receive compassion; and our frontliners, the elderly and vulnerable, protection.

For peace in the world, especially for the people of Myanmar

That those whose lives are in danger, imprisoned and grieving may receive strength and healing.

For the Elect

That our brothers and sisters asking for baptism this Easter may be united to Christ in His death and resurrection, and that they may be strengthened to conquer the forces of sin and death, and live the new life of the Spirit.

For all who are part of this mass

That we may imitate St Joseph’s humility and obedience, and live the Gospel in our thoughts, words and deed.

For our personal intentions