16th Sunday of Ordinary Time (July 19, 2020)


Please continue to offer up these petitions.


For Pope Francis, Archbishop Julian Leow and all priests

That, as they face new situations in the world, their leadership be inspirational and their witnessing be effective through personal holiness and dedicated service.

For the Universal Church

That we may enlighten the world with the truth of the Gospel, while proposing effective and feasible solutions to the issues facing the world.

For nations around the world

That as countries emerge from the lock-down, leaders may monitor the state of the economy and practise good governance and equal wealth distribution while providing social security nets for the most vulnerable.

For nations facing civil conflicts

That peace descends on the land to enable harmonious living among divided communities.

For those who are affected by the economic backlash resulting from the pandemic

That through their aspirations may have derailed, may their spirit remain undaunted to pursue alternatives through the direction of God's spirit.

For all participating in this celebration, especially those participating from their homes

That we may experience the nearness of the Kingdom of God and, having been energised, offer encouragement to the weary, hope to the despondent and joy to the broken hearted.

For our personal intentions