15th Sunday of Ordinary Time (July 12, 2020)


Please continue to offer up these petitions.


For the Universal Church as it celebrates Bible Awareness Sunday

That Pope Francis, Archbishop Julian Leow, bishops, priests and the religious continue to be guided by the spirit of wisdom as they break the Word daily for the faithful.

For Malaysia

That our leaders and representatives continue to be agents of unity, and work to empower all Malaysians, including the vulnerable and marginalised.

For our migrant brothers and sisters

That they may be treated with respect and dignity in their pursuit for better livelihood, and receive equal access to healthcare amid the current pandemic.

For families

We pray that families may grow in love, respect and guidance as they learn to trust in His ways to overcome challenges and uncertainty.

For our parish churches as we progressively reopen

That we may demonstrate patience, understanding and compassion towards each other during this period. We pray also for God’s protection over our front liners, those who serve during the mass, to ensure its smooth progress and the safety of the faithful.

For all of us gathered here and at home

That we be constant in our resoluteness; that we be blessed with a holy stubbornness to begin again when we fall; that we will correspond to grace and bear fruit.

For our personal intentions