13th Sunday of Ordinary Time (June 28, 2020)


Please continue to offer up these petitions.


For Pope Francis and the clergy

That the knowledge of Christ living in them will spur them to greater heights in their mission as shepherds ministering to the least, the lost and the little.

For the Universal Church

That amid the global health and economic crisis, the church may remain a haven of hope and refuge for those in need, helping to refresh and revive the weary and hurting.

For the church in Malaysia

That as we gradually reopen our churches, all our preparations will flow smoothly. Help parishioners who are not able to come to be patient, knowing that God’s love and protection are always with us.

For all church leaders

That their commitment to follow Jesus may be conscious and deliberate; that they reflect Christ’s love through a life of prayer and good deeds.

For all suffering pain

That they receive consolation and strength to endure physical, emotional and spiritual pain.

For all of us who are part of this mass in church and at home

That we be strengthened by God’s love in our lives as we share it with the world.

For our personal intentions