The Most Holy Body And Blood Of The Lord (June 13-14,2020)


Please continue to offer up these petitions.


For our Holy Father, Pope Francis

That his gentle touch for the people he meets will draw more believers to the Church, the Body of Christ, and closer to God.

For Archbishop Julian Leow and the local clergy

That they will receive the capacity to balance their many responsibilities so that they give their best to serve the people and lead them to God’s mercy.

For child labourers

That governments enforce laws upholding children’s rights, and children forced to work will be freed. We pray also for better economic growth in these places that would abolish the need for child labour.

For our beloved country Malaysia

That despite political, economic and social problems that exist, the people will be united in the fight against all that is negative.

For all Malaysians

That as the country continues to take steps towards recovery, we will diligently practice good hygiene, social distancing and remain sensitive to the needs of the community.

For the soul of Father Joseph Gomez, who was ordained in CDM last year

That he be granted eternal rest and his example of perseverance inspire us when we feel like giving up.

For all of us gathered here

That, although still unable to receive the Body of Christ, we will make the Eucharistic Lord the centre of our lives, and with faith and love remain in communion with one another.

For our personal intentions