Solemnity of The Most Holy Trinity (June 6-7, 2020)


Please continue to offer up these petitions.


For Pope Francis, bishops and priests

That as they remain rooted in the Lord's love, they may lead people who are grappling with questions on the mysteries of God, to encounter Him through prayer and perseverance.

For the universal Church

That as people formed in the image of the Holy Trinity, we may gow in Christ-like love for the poor and needy, and through submission to the Holy Spirit, be a blessing to the world.

For the leaders of nations

That they may put be swift and resolute in assisting vital sectors so that job lay-offs be minimised; we pray too that those in positions of power may not take advantage of the present crisis to hoard and squander resources but may share and distribute them justly.

For the Yang di-Pertuan Agong

That as he celebrates his birthday, he may be bestowed with health and strength to carry out his duties in the interest of the nation.

For the world in crisis

That the word of God, proclaimed to all peoples and nations may bring life and health to the world while glorifying the Most Holy Trinity.

For those entering a new season in their life

That they may be granted wisdom and strength to obtain new direction in their journey, trusting that our Lord neither leaves nor forsakes us.

For our personal intentions