Prayer of the Faithful - 01 Sep 2019

Please continue to offer up these petitions.


For the Church
That leaders of the church may continually taste the sweetness of the Lord and be empowered to become effective evangelizers.

For our country
That we may mature to become an inclusive nation while celebrating our diversity to face the challenges ahead with courage and solidarity.

For those who suffer mental anguish
That they may experience God’s love and healing touch through the care and acceptance of people around them; that counsellors may be well equipped to counsel those in anguish and, through skilful intervention, be the first responders to circumvent suicidal tendencies in the afflicted.

For CDM’s Vision Workshop
That we will respond positively to the call to define our vision as church as we journey towards living out our mission.

For the success of the Walk of Faiths in Friendship
That our participation may promote interracial harmony and mutual respect and be a step towards nation building.

For our personal intentions.