Eulogy - Rev Fr Joseph Gomez - from the Martin family


Dear Rev Fr Gerard, the parish of the Church of Divine Mercy, dearly loved ones, family and friends,

Our hearts are full of sorrow at the loss of our beloved brother, brother-in-law and Uncle, Joseph Gomez, known affectionately to us as Romeo. It seemed like only yesterday that he was called to the ministry as priest, consecrating his life in service to God and to the people.

Romeo fulfilled his lifelong desire of being a priest. It feels tragic to see him taken away from us only twelve days after his ordination. But the will of the Lord is beyond our understanding. God wanted Romeo for Himself but waited for him to realise his goal before ushering him to be forever with Him.

Romeo had a deep love for God and he loved people. It is little surprise that you are all here because He has left a deep imprint on your hearts, whether it be through his relationship with you as a loved one, relative or friend or through his sermons.

Twelve days ago, he was wedded to the Lord and now he is in glory with Him. May the Lord grant you all peace during this time of sorrow and loss. But more than anything, we would urge you to realise your desire to glorify God no matter how great or small. That’s what Romeo would have wanted for us.

With much love,

Julie (Mary), Martin, Franklin, Alan and Joel

The Martin family (Australia)