St Joachim reaches out with Advent love

st joachim advent love 1

The members of St Joachim BEC kicked off a year-long outreach project in December 2018 by visiting aunty Chandra at her flat on a Sunday afternoon. They brought homemade food such as agar-agar, fried pasta, fruits as well as KFC to share with the family for lunch.

Aunty Chandra is a widow in her early 50s. She has taken on the initiative to look into the welfare of six children, who are distantly related to her.

When she first approached FX Joe, St Joachim’s BEC coordinator, five of the children were undocumented and unable to go to school. Last month, she successfully applied for birth certificates for four of the children at the NRD. It take three months to process the application. One children, however, remains undocumented due to some issues that will require more time to address. The children are keen to go to school once they receive their birth certificates.

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St Joachim BEC has been providing the household with powdered milk, rice and other provisions so far. This Christmas the BEC also took the children for an outing and shopping. One member of the BEC also donated school work books for the children.

St Joachim BEC plans to help this family for a year. As such, they will visit the family once a month. All members are welcome to join the BEC on its monthly visits, and to take turns to deliver provisions to them.

The BEC would like to thank all its members for responding positively towards this initiative. The hope is that every member will have the chance to feel the tightness of their grip when they hold your hands, the warmth of their hugs and see the smiles on their faces.

The BEC would like to thank FX Joe for making the initial contact with the family and turning this into a BEC outreach project for 2019.

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