Living for God


I am Katherine and I was baptised last Easter. I am a college student from a private university. I found student life stressful. I had a pessimistic outlook on life.

This led me to frequent episodes of depression coupled with uncontrollable temper and severe nervous breakdowns. To my amazement, my roommate who had a more challenging life was more composed due to her strong prayer life. She always spoke about how great God’s love is and referred to the scriptures on handling difficult situations.

The turning point in my life happened when I had an emotional breakdown at a train station. I felt so empty and dejected. God made me walk to the nearest bookstore and buy a bible despite being tired and wearied by my luggage. I wiped off my tears and started reading the bible, in the hope that God would speak to me.

Things changed from then on. I started attending mass at the Church of the Holy Family because I was eager to grow in my faith and to know more about God. By the grace of the Lord, I found out about the RCIA classes. Through prayers and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, God led me to the RCIA in CDM.

The RCIA journey had a great impact on me. Understanding the scriptures and the unconditional love of God made me feel blessed. In every session, God had something to talk to me through His words. I also felt inspired to see Christ in the people around me.

And suddenly, I began noticing the nice and beautiful things in other people.The biggest miracle during the journey was the acceptance from my family of my decision to embrace the Catholic faith.

They are strong Hindu devotees and the way God revealed His plan of gradually changing their minds despite initial disputes, only made my faith stronger. Baptism is a new beginning or I would say a new life for me to work for God and to live a Christ-like life for the glory of God.


Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) 2018/19 programme commences on Sunday, 8th July 2018.
Registration forms are available at the parish office. 

English       :   2.30pm-5.00pm - Felicita : 019-3845313 
B Malaysia : 10.00pg-11.45pg  - Mex : 016-6817510 
Mandarin   :   9.30am-11.00am - Kenneth Sew: 012-2359392 
Tamil         : 10.00am-11.30am - Noel : 016-6723422 or Perzeus : 012-5599015