I am privileged

Su Jean


My name is Su Jean and I was baptised last Easter.  I came to know God when I was 15, and started attending the Protestant church at the age of 17. I first experienced God here. It was a cool church, vibrant and dynamic. I enjoyed the church and it was all good until I started dating a Catholic boy in university.

On Sundays, he wouldn’t skip mass so if I wanted to spend the entire day with him, I would need to follow him to church. I still remember attending my first mass in St Ignatius Church about six years ago. It was such a peaceful and beautiful mass.

Since then I would alternate between attending mass at CDM and the Protestant church. Sometimes I would ponteng church because I felt a little confused. But, gradually, I grew keen to learn about the Catholic faith.

There was something that the Catholic faith has that was missing in the Protestant practice. After procrastinating for about five years, I decided to join the RCIA class last year for two reasons. Firstly, I wanted to learn about the Catholic faith and secondly, my then boyfriend is now my fiancé. I couldn’t procrastinate any longer if I wanted our marriage to be celebrated in a Catholic church.

But I also desired to experience God more fully. As I journeyed through RCIA, conversions started to take place in my heart. I find it amazing that until today, the church faithfully upholds and practices the traditions handed down since the time of Jesus. I wanted to be a part of this.

Now my deep longing to encounter God can be fulfilled in the Eucharist, where Jesus is truly present. Since my first Holy Communion, I realised that attending mass weekly and spending time with God daily is not an obligation, it’s a privilege.


Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) 2018/19 programme commences on Sunday, 8th July 2018.
Registration forms are available at the parish office. 

English       :   2.30pm-5.00pm - Felicita : 019-3845313 
B Malaysia : 10.00pg-11.45pg  - Mex : 016-6817510 
Mandarin   :   9.30am-11.00am - Kenneth Sew: 012-2359392 
Tamil         : 10.00am-11.30am - Noel : 016-6723422 or Perzeus : 012-5599015