Download the baptism form in the language of your choice.
Fill out the form and email it to together with the required documents:

  • Child’s Birth Certificate/Sijil Kelahiran Anak
  • Parents’ Church Marriage Certificate/Sijil Perkahwinan Dalam Gereja Katolik

*Approval from your parish priest is required if your family does not live within the boundaries of the Divine Mercy Church, Shah Alam.


  • Please submit your room booking request at least one week before the date of use.
  • After submitting the room booking form, you will receive a confirmation email.
  • For more information on room bookings, please contact the parish office at or WhatsApp us.
  • Please be aware that room bookings are intended solely for activities within the parish and are not available for external use.

  • Timeline for Sending Brief: 4 Weeks before Event Date
  • Timeline for Designing First Draft: + 3 to 5 Days
  • Timeline for Review and Feedback: + 2 Days
  • Timeline for Final Design / Promotion: 2 Weekends before Event Date