CDM’s children display God-given talents at concert

The Catechetical Ministry of CDM recently organised the Catechetical Ministry Concert 2019. The event themed ‘Christ our Mission’ brought together six hundred children and numerous other parishioners in a concert spanning 14 presentations aimed at witnessing to Christ’s reign and to His glory.

The concert saw a range of talents being brought to the fore, allowing the precious Word of God to linger in the audiences’ minds and hearts as it expressed the good news of God’s kingdom. The presentations were put together by a range of children spanning pre-schoolers right through to Form 4 students who seamlessly told their stories based on the Bible.

The festive Dewan St Faustina, decorated using recycled materials, was filled with nearly a thousand students, catechists and parents long before it was time for the concert to start at 10am that morning. Parish Priest, Rev Father Gerard Theraviam got things going with words of encouragement before giving special blessing on all present and prayed for them.

The concert began with a flash mob, which caught everyone by surprise. It was the labour of love from a group of students from Forms 1 to 4 who seemed to appear out of nowhere to glorify the Sovereign God in their own special way. This was followed by song performances, gospel-filled songs that ministered to our hearts, and words that gave much to hope on.

Standard 3 Peter then put up a play and their own musical rendition of Noah’s Ark, replete with colourful costumes. The students were a picture of grace and charm in their costumes as they danced to the accompaniment of Christian hymns, the obvious result of tireless rounds of practice.

The children of Standard 6 Paul acted out a skit titled ‘Colours of Emotions’ which taught everyone how to depend always on God in the face of challenges.

In addition to the vast variety of instruments played at the concert, there was also diversity in languages, with performances in English, Malay and Tamil. The uniting thread in all these was the proclamation of the saving grace of Jesus Christ and the ensuing worship required of us.

Standard 4 Paul’s choral speaking presentation on the ‘Holy Alphabet’ was unique in showing the crowd a glossary of holy terms from A to Z.

The concert ended at 11:30am as we all gave thanks to God by singing together the final song, ‘Days of Elijah’. It was a great outing for all who attended, judging from the loud applause as the emcees announced each presentation. But it was clear that the loudest applause was unto the Lord.

Commenting on the concert, one of the catechists, Ms Yanusha Marie Kumeren, said: “The concert was organised by catechists who aren’t event planners, but came out looking so professional. This was possible thanks to everyone’s dedication, commitment and love for God. What a wonderful display of talent and teamwork by the students and all catechists. Most importantly, it was a demonstration of how the students were giving their all for Jesus. I was pleasantly surprised to discover we have so many talented students in the church. Definitely an experience that I’ll cherish forever.”

A parent Ms Jean Louis said, “Well done to the catechists for coming up with such a wonderful showcase or presentations by providing the necessary training and encouragement to the students. All the students performed well. It was so beautiful to see them having fun while performing and trying their best. The concert was truly special. The students will remember this for the rest of their lives.”

Dhiran, a student from Standard 2 Peter said, “I was so excited during my rehearsals because my teachers were there to guide me to perform. The night before the concert, I was practising at home so that I would perform well for the audiences and for God. Then on the concert day itself I was nervous but happy at the same time because I wanted to do my very best for my appa, amma, priest, teachers and God.”