14th Sunday in Ordinary Time (July 3 - 4, 2021)


Please continue to offer up these petitions.


For Pope Francis, the clergy, religious and all lay leaders

That amid the fatigue, loneliness and tribulations of their pastoral work, they may find help and comfort with God; that their obstacles and setbacks will help them grow spiritually.

For our parish community

That we will continue to give generously of our time, talents and treasure for the upkeep of our parishes, and in support of community building and faith formation efforts.

For the world in crisis

That in social, economic and political situations of conflict, we may be courageous and passionate architects of dialogue and friendship. We pray that our Parliament may be re-opened and democracy prevail.

For our beloved country Malaysia

That all striving to break the chain of the Covid-19 infection, struggling to rebuild livelihoods and overwhelmed with anxiety, will come to rest in the shelter of God, so as to receive his sufficient grace and carry on the good fight.

For our children

That, despite the constraints of the pandemic, they may experience the jiys of childhood in a safe and loving environment; that we will listen, respect and support their voice, deams and ambitions as budding missionaries of God.

For all who participate in this celebration

That the struggles we face be opportunities for us to see God's grace and power working in us; that we come to the realisation that God can sometimes allow certain evils so as to draw from them a greater, more necessary good.

For our personal intentions