13th Sunday in Ordinary Time (June 26-27, 2021)


Please continue to offer up these petitions.


For the Universal Church

That amidst the changing scenarios of the world, the church would stay on course as the people fix their eyes on the Lord, incline their hearts to Him and hold on to His unchanging Word.

For Pope Francis as we prepare to celebrate the feast of Sts Peter & Paul on Tuesday 29th June:

That God may guide him and all leaders of the Church. May our collection for Peter’s Pence help defray the expenses of the Pope’s mission.

For our beloved country Malaysia

That the Lord’s mercy be manifested in our nation as we anticipate a decrease and an eventual eradication of Covid-19 cases in our land. We also pray that credible leadership may emerge to steer our country towards a godly destination.

For an end to drug abuse and trafficking

That every crime against humanity be crippled, that families who grieve missing and abused members may be comforted while victims are rescued, healed and assimilated into society through the collaboration of enforcement agencies and people of good will.

For the ailing, destitute and distressed

That our Lord, the Giver of Life, may respond to their pleas as they take hold of the hem of His garment so that their sufferings may be relieved as He turns their mourning into dancing and sorrows into joy.

For all who participate in this celebration

That in our dire need, we may approach the Lord with unwavering faith, deep gratitude and confidence; that every cause placed in His hands would turn into an unexpected good.

For our personal intentions